Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a little bit closer

On Sunday Harry finished piecing together the components to make the base trim in the Laundry Room and hit it all with a coat of primer. He also hung the Roman shade that my friend Rhonda, who has a drapery workroom, made for us. Remind me to tell you about the fabric later. The only things left to do now are to decide what kind of storage to add to the wall over the work surface and washer and dryer and give the trim and door a coat of paint. I'm having trouble with making a decision as I rather like the quiet, uncluttered space. (I took all the laundry off of the marble before taking the picture!) But storage in these old houses is sorely lacking, or is it that we have too much crap? I'm thinking it is the latter.

On our way back down I-95 on Saturday we popped into Ikea to have a look at their laundry and kitchen storage options. Correction - there is no popping into Ikea - you're stuck there for hours, I believe on purpose. I cringe at the thought of navigating that store. Is it me or do they try to get you lost? I know there are arrows on the floor to direct you, but I always seem to be going in circles. Where the hell is the exit? Is all of Virginia here today with their grandmothers and babies? Where did I leave my patience? I had it in the back of my mind that I would soon be at Racine having a hamburger and a beer so I tried to concentrate and not get COMPLETELY ANNOYED.

We made our way over to the kitchen department to take a look at the cabinet options. They really do have some pretty cabinetry. Actually, there are way too many pretty choices. Here are a few. Weigh in, please, as I can't seem to make a decision.

If I am correct, and I need to do more research, you buy the boxes that you need and then select a door style. I liked this stainless door with the frosted glass. These could hide a multitude of laundry room necessities.
The above door is basic, but nice, and would fit in with what we have in the kitchen if anyone thought that was necessary, which I don't as the laundry is upstairs and I am not in need of matching things.

Wandering further afield we found this area of basic storage components. I like the wall cabinets here, but worry about reaching to close it as I am 5'3" on a good day.
Here is one in a stained finish - I think I need to stick with white. Why do I keep getting Harry's arm in these photos? Sorry, thinking about beer, no doubt. I hadn't noticed the art work until now - quite pretty.

I don't mind this clean open shelving, either. And the hooks would be handy for hanging up wet stuff, what, I can't think right now, give me a minute. I could put containers above to put detergent, etc. in.
The above would work, too, I think they were the cheapest, and I think they look that way, too. Sorry, Harry. I think I'm voting this one out.

We got away without having to trudge through the restaurant or marketplace, how I don't know. We brought home a bunch of literature and need to pour over it to make a decision so that the next time we're on I-95, which we all know will be very soon, we can "pop" into the marketplace and get really annoyed as the choice we've made won't be in stock.

I sound like Debbie Downer today. Sorry.

I hope wherever you are today that you're warm and safe and don't have piles of laundry sitting in your hallway.

I haven't forgotten to talk about the fabric used on the Roman shade. I'll save that for another scintillating post.


  1. I like shelves. It's a more open look. Keeping them tidy and attractive may be a chore or not. But, I have a question, too. How many inches do you have between the wall and the window trim?

    I'll post an unedited photo of my laundry room sometime soon. It'll be good for chuckles.

  2. I really love your laundry room. It's so beautifully restful and calming to look at.

    I love the open shelving. I think it'd go with your classic styling in there really well.

    ...but happy to bow to your superior laundry room knowledge!!!


  3. I like the frosted look with the wall color. My one shelf gets cluttered, while the cabinets are cluttered but closed up and out of sight. Ready to start my daily 3 loads of laundry. Kids have been living here for 2 weeks. Stuff everywhere.

  4. I was thinking about you this morning! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don't work too hard.


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