Friday, February 4, 2011


I am not going to pretend that I have always been a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Although I lived there in the seventies and eighties when the Pittsburgh Steelers, under the leadership of Coach Chuck Noll, won eight divisional championships and four, count them, four Super Bowl championships, I was not impressed. That was the time of the “immaculate reception,” the play that some call “the greatest play of all time”. I didn't care.

My family moved to Pittsburgh from New York city in 1972 as my father accepted a job transfer. At the time I only had a vague idea what state it was even in. We hardly ever left New York except to visit my aunt in Connecticut or to spend some time at the beach on Nantucket. I remember asking my father if Pittsburgh was in Ohio, and I can still recall the look of shock on his face. I was in my own little bubble and geography clearly wasn't my strong suit.

I spent a couple of years in mourning for my old life in New York instead of trying to see it as a new adventure (a skill I've learned of late). It took a while but I grew to love the city and today, as the city and its residents prepare for the big day, I wish I was there to soak up that energy and share in that feeling of hometown pride.

My first apartment as a single working gal was in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. The area of Richmond that I live in now, The Fan, reminds me a lot of Shadyside. I know that is why I was drawn here. My apartment was on the third floor on the left side of this photo. It was a studio, probably about 250 square feet but I loved it. My apartment looked just like this one with its arched entry, hardwood floors and great moldings. There was also a Murphy Bed and a little kitchen. I didn't own a car, but no matter, the bus stopped right on that corner and took me to my job at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Life was simpler and fun as hell.

Unfortunately I don't have any family in Pittsburgh anymore, however, I do still have dear friends who I know are very excited for Sunday to come. Pittsburgh I'm rooting for you now.

Get out your terrible towels!!


  1. Now when I saw a post titled "Pittsburgh" on the side of your blog, I had to click!

    OK, so we both grew up in NY, and we both have lived in Pittsburgh.

    My husband and I lived there from 1979 to 1982, when he was news director at KDKA radio. We had lots of friends in shadyside -- some had them most amazing rambling wood frame houses -- but we lived on the Northside in Allegheny West, right near the old 3 Rivers Stadium. We loved it! I was back in Pgh this summer, briefly, to pick up Alida when she was at Pitt for a month for research, and it was so much fun to be back and show my girls our old haunts.

    A great town, and absolutely the MOST loyal fans of any, anywhere.

    Ah well -- can't win them all, there are always other Super Bowls!

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